Aesthetics of Indian Folk Dance


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ISBN : 817020335x


Author : P. Banerjee


Pages : 120 pp


Year of Publishing : 1982


Binding : Hard Bound



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The author, an aesthete, has led us to unexplored avenue of the real soul and essence of the Indian Folk Dances, which have been ignored by people since long. The book is an “Open Sesame” to the rich artistic beauty and Aesthetics of Indian Folk Dance dealing with all the necessary facets of classic beauty, viz; Culture, Art, Appreciation and Emotional appeal.
Considering the imperativeness of impressing upon the people the real beauty, romanticism, spirituality, unostentatious lyricism and sweetness in the rhythmic movements of the unsophisticated and simple folks, author has taken diligent care and devotion to portrait the real and true, picture of the Dance Art of the Folks, the Aristocratic Art of the vast populace, devoid of any artificial and superficial window dressing. The god fearing exceptionally pious races of this land, cut off from the humdrum of urban life and ignorant of the mechanized industrial world, carry with them the spirit and the ideal message of the Indian Dance Art, and this volume is only a pen-portrait of the same. Within a short compass the work covers a vast field, dealing with the valuable contribution made by fold dance towards building up the rich and glorious Indian culture, its character, which has placed India on the pivot of the cultural map of the world; an analytical review of the distinctive features and main characteristics of the fold-dances, along with their broad classifications; the legends and episodes from the epics, which form the basis and rudiments of the fold-dances. And in return, its reciprocal response form the folk-dances themselves and the significance of the feasts and festivals in the rural areas also and spiritualistic dances. Surprisingly enough the work embraces deliberations regarding the possibility of enriching the education system of physical culture in the country; and concludes with the suggestions of the revival of the Folk-dances and enlivening them, and the enormous succour provided by fold dances to the dance expressions of the classical forms. The reader will be carried away by the sweeping magic of the pen of the author, who is not a mere dilettante, but a reputed connoisseur of Indian, dance, capable to impress with authority. The profusely luxurious plates adorning the book, not only beautify the work itself, but enhance the charm and grade of the subject with all its grandeurs, magnificence and sublime spirituality.

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