Ancient Hindu Surgery

Surgical Instruments of the Hindus with a comparative study of the Surgical Instruments of the Greek, Roman, Arab and the Modern European Surgeons.


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ISBN : 8170206294


Volumes : Set in 2 Volumes


Author : G. Mukhopadhyaya


Pages : 1046 pp


Year of Publishing : 1994


Binding : Hard Bound




This immensely valuable work dispels the widely prevalent myth that medicine and surgery as we know it today is the gist of western Medical Science alone and all indigenous systems of medicine are nothing but superstition and magical formulas.
In a deeply researched treatise the author, himself an authority in modern medicine and western science, brings out the various facets of surgical knowledge of the ancient Hindu. It is no surprise to learn that the vedic Hindus were well versed in the art of anatomy, surgery, anesthesia and the medical and surgical use of plants, metals, bones and other organic and inorganic materials. The book not only describes and analyses the knowledge of the ancient surgeons in India but also provides a comparison with other ancient systems like Greek, Roman and Arab systems of medicine, along with a comparison with modern western surgery. A well illustrated book which would satisfy the curiosity of a wide section of readers, whether or not they are directly involved with surgery. The material is drawn from authentic texts, which ensures the scholarly credibility of this work.

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