Ancient Indian Administration

With special reference to Arthasastra, Manu and Yajñavalkya


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ISBN : 8170206936


Author : P. S. Rekha


Pages : 300 pp


Year of Publishing : 1996


Binding : Hard Bound



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Many off the important topics connected with the ancient Indian administration discussed in Manusmriti yagnavalkyasmriti and Arthasastra are analysed and compared in this book. After explaining briefly the nature of the seven angas (the constituents of the sovereign kingdom) in the first chapter, they are discussed in detail in seven chapters under the headings ‘Svami’ (King), ‘Amatya’ (Minister), ‘Janapada’ (Country), ‘Durga’ (Fort), ‘Kosa’ (Treasury), ‘Danda’ (Army) and ‘Mitra’ (Ally).
While the main purpose of the Dharmasastras was to lay down rules connected with Dharma, Adharma and Prayascitta (expiation) some of the authors like Manu and Yaganvalkya have incorporated the rules of administration also in their works. Naturally their discussion on this subjects was brief where as it is elaborate in the works like Arthasastra of Kautilya, which can be seen from the discussions on various subjects in the present work. The present work is an attempt to bring together many of the important topics connected with ancient Indian administration under clear-cut headings, while presenting some of the miscellaneous topics concerned with administration in ninth chapter.

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