Annals of Rural Bengal

Ethnical Frontier of Lower Bengal with the Ancient Principalities of Beerbhoom and Bishenpore.


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ISBN : 8170202159


Author : W. Hunter


Pages : 475 pp


Year of Publishing : 1975


Binding : Hard Bound




Bengal, the well watered land, rich in noble scenery, a land of hills and dale, wood and water & enjoying during five months of the year and exquisite climate, formed the theatre of one of the primitive struggles of Indian history. It stood as the outpost o the Sanskrit race on the west of lower Bengal, and had to bear the sharp collisions of Aryan civilization with more rude types prevailing at that time. On its inhabitants devolved, during three thousand years, the duty of holding the passes between the highlands and the valley of the Ganges. The only extensive investigation into the rural history and statistics of India and the provinces are those conducted by the survey department, and the author ahs taken much help from the same in giving us a most complete, comprehensive and authentic history of rural Bengal. The learned author starts from the state of the country when it passed under British rule and goes onto record the Ethnical elements of the lowland population of Bengal, the aboriginal hillmen off Beerbhoom, the rural administration and village government system prevailing in Bengal.
The book is an immense mine of information and will be of great academic inters tot the historians, sociologists, anthropologist and administrators alike. The publishers feel pleasure in reprinting this most sought after book.

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