Art Education

Scholastic and Industrial


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ISBN : 9788130701138


Author : Walter Smith


Pages : 346 pp


Year of Publishing : 2005


Binding : Hard Bound




Walter Smith’s treatise on Art Education remains one of the earliest works to deal with the growing subject in an objective, compact and readable manner. The reprint is timely as a fresh look at the treatment of the subject should infuse a new energy as the nations see a new wave of general prosperity and wealth-creation, which always seeks in art the enjoyment and refinement which trade and commerce alone can not provide. The first section of the book provides such practical information about schools of art and art teaching as found necessary by the author from his own experience. In the second part, on more general question of industrial art education, the author enunciates general principles, which, when made possible by the development of art skill, may control the motive or character of the manufactures and produce of the country.

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