Bangladesh Gazetteer


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ISBN : 8177550179


Volumes : Set in 3 Volumes


Author : S. K. Bakshi


Pages : 1650 pp


Year of Publishing : 2000


Binding : Hard Bound





A republic in South Asia, Bangladesh became independent sovereign nation on 16th December 1971, following a popular uprising, until which it was known as East Pakistan since August 1947 when Britain’s former Indian Empire was partitioned. The country was led to its independence by Sheikh Muzibur Rahman. Today Bangladesh is the second largest Muslim nation in the world. This Bangladesh Gazetteer aims at a position different from, and somewhat higher than, that of a ordinary Gazetteer. It attempts at providing an overview of all matters of interest such as historical, geographical, physiographical, ethnographical etc. One full volume is dedicated exclusively to covering the whole nation from the historical point of view including all its major provinces, districts, towns and places of interest. The focus is to provide the historical information which is not otherwise easily available. The Gazetteer infact is a nucleus of a complete index to our knowledge of the people of this nation, its history, its life and its institutions. The Gazetteer provides latest and statistical information related to Bangladesh’s demography, agriculture, forestry, industry and commerce, finance, education, communications, press and media. It also provide details regarding research institutions, libraries and archives, museums, etc. which will be of much use. The Gazetteer will also be found immensely useful as it provides addresses and telephone numbers of newspapers, embassies and ministries. The Bangladesh Gazetteer hopes to meet the reference needs of scholars, administrators and the general public, not excluding the visitors to this beautiful country who wish to acquaint themselves with the country and its people.

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