The People, their History, and Culture


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ISBN : 8177553925


Volumes : Set in 5 Volumes


Author : S. N. Das


Pages : 2400 pp


Year of Publishing : 2005


Binding : Hard Bound




The Bengali are considered to be the original inhabitants of the Bengal region of southwest Asia. This territory is divided politically between Bangladesh and West Bengal, a state in India. Bengali is the native language spoken by most of the groups in this region. While the vast majority of Bengalis live in Bangladesh and northeast India, there are significant communities in a number of other countries and other parts of India as well. Although the Bengalis are primarily classified according to language, their culture remains very diversified. It is made up of various castes, such as the Brahman, Kayastha, Vaidya, Namasudra, Gandha Banik, Saadgop, Napit, Mahisya, Kanaani, and Subarnabanik. Their assortment of occupations and religious preferences has created other cultural distinctions as well. In general, the Bengalis are a proud people, highly ambitious, and always striving for excellence. Although outside influences are being incorporated into their culture, the Bengalis remain very proud of their cultural heritage. These volumes provide an extended introduction to the Bengalis by discussing all important facets that make them so vibrant a society. The volumes arranged thematically provide a glimpse into their History, Culture, Politics, Language and Literature, the world famous intellectual traditions of the Bengalis, the social progress; including the Bengali Renaissance, the individuals who are significant to the understanding of the Bengali culture and its fascinating traditions.

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