Biographical History of Philosophy


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ISBN : 9788130700425


Volumes : Set in 3 Volumes


Author : George Henry Lewes


Pages : 1050 pp


Year of Publishing : 2005


Binding : Hard Bound



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“The work was written ten years ago, and was addressed to a popular audience. Ten years have not been without their influence on. the historian; and moreover, the success of the work has so greatly exceeded any thing that could reasonably have been anticipated – not only in respect to sale, but in the directions of its influence, that on undertaking this Library Edition I felt the necessity of modifying both the aim and scope of the work. A graver audience was to be addressed, a graver tone adopted. Without forgetting the general public, I had now to think also of what students would require. Many polemical passages, many ex tracts, and some digressions, have been removed; and the space thus gained has prevented the new matter from swelling the work to an inconvenient size. Many references and other bibliographical details have been added, although the principle of abstinence from unnecessary citation has still been preserved. The labor bestowed on this Edition will, I hope, render it more worthy of public acceptance.” — GEORGE HENRY LEWES

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