Its Essence and Development


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ISBN : 9788130717340


Author : By Edward Conze with a Preface by Arthur Waley


Pages : 268 pp


Year of Publishing : 2015


Binding : Hard Bound




“There is not at present in English or any other language so comprehensive and at the same time so easy and readable an account of Buddhism as is to be found in Dr. Conze’s book. To Dr. Conze the questions that Buddhism asks and answers are actual, living, questions that he constantly brings them into relation both with history and with current actuality. Both are, to my mind, valueless unless they express a point of view, and they must do this not by distorting the facts, but by making apparent to the reader the Author’s emotional and intellectual reaction to these facts. Dr. Conze’s book, more than any of its kind that I have read for a long time, succeeds in doing this.” — Extract from the Preface by ARTHUR WALEY

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