Castes and Tribes of Southern India


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ISBN : 8170203996


Volumes : Set in 7 Volumes


Author : E. Thurston


Pages : 2800 pp


Year of Publishing : 1981, 2015


Binding : Hardbound




The Scheme for a systematic & detailed ethnographic survey of the whole of South India was conceived by the author and it took almost eight long years to complete the whole survey & research. Investigations in relation to races of South India show it to be by no means impossible that this region was once the passage ground, by which the ancient progenitors of Northern and Mediterranean races proceeded to the parts of the globe which they now inhabit. The Tribes which, only a few decades ago, were living in a wild state, clade in a cool and simple garb of fresh leaves, buried away in the depths of the jungle and living like primitives have now come under the influence of civilization. The Paniyans of the Wynaad, and the lrulas of the Nilgiris now work regularly & send their children to school instead of tending their buffalows. These are a few examples of change resulting from their contacts with the civilization & other influence. Mr. Thurston took eight long and labouring years to complete this monumental work in seven volumes. He has given a most complete catalogue of races of Southern India and details of each tribe inhabiting the whole of this region; their origin and way of life, their customs & manners, their religious believes and superstitions. The whole work is alphabetically arranged, and each volume has many coloured plates. This monumental work is a most valuable contribution to our literature & affords much information regarding some of the most extraordinary and colourful races of Dravadian & Aryan family. The publishers feel pleasure in issuing this fifth study under The Native Races of India series. The aim is to continue an active and diverse publishing programme in this area of study.

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