Child and the Curriculum and Educational Essays


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ISBN : 9788130706709


Author : John Dewey


Pages : 202 pp


Year of Publishing : 2008


Binding : Hardbound




John Dewey had particular ideas about what would work when teaching children in a classroom setting, and in this very short, but very important book, he lays out his thoughts on the subject. This is the basis for hands-on learning, and helping students to relate the subject matter to their prior experiences in order to gain a deeper understanding of what they’re learning. Essential reading for all teachers who work with children, and recommended for anyone interested in how education works. As relevant today as it was when first published back in 1902.

“The Child and the Curriculum” looks at the process of education from both perspectives – child and curriculum. Dewey leads the reader to view the curriculum, what the child must learn, from the child’s present state of mind. He also considers the teachers point of view as the vehicle that imparts and delivers the curriculum. Dewey understood that the structure of a child’s mind is far different from that of an adult.

“A must read for educators. Fast read that looks at the two important stances in education – following the curriculum or attending to the individual child. As with most things in education, the answer is a balance between the two.”— Micole (Review extract from Goodreads).

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