Chronological Encyclopaedia of World History

Ancient, Medievel and Modern


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ISBN : 9788130702878


Volumes : Set in 3 Volumes


Author : Langer, W. L.


Pages : 1252 pp


Year of Publishing : 2006


Binding : Hardbound




This book is a revised and modernized version of Dr. Karl Ploetz’ famous “Epitome of History”, which, when first published in Germany, became so popular that it quickly went into seven editions. It was translated into English with thorough revisions by William H. Tillinghast. The book was a best-seller in quick time and went into twenty-four printings. The success of the Epitome of History over a period of more than two generations is ample proof of the need for a manual of this kind. In the revised and extended form here presented, it ought to be more valuable than ever. Its use for students of history is obvious enough, but it ought to prove as helpful to many others. Students of history of literature and of art should find a concise guide to political history a great boon and all readers of historical novels or biographies should welcome a book of reference of events of the past, to genealogical relationships, and so on. The publishers are happy to re-publish this new Epitome with the hope that it will find place in all good book-shelves.

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