Classics of the Bar

Stories of the World’s Great Jury Trials and A Compilation of Forensic Masterpieces


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ISBN : 9788130717425


Author : Alvin V. Sellers


Pages : 228 pp


Year of Publishing : 2015


Binding : Hardbound



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The oratory of the bar is, for the most part, necessarily extemporaneous. Not prepared in advance and seldom reported steno-graphically, many of the courtroom classics have been lost to the world. And yet, from the dawn of history, the forensic orator has held the world captive at his will—spellbound under the magnetic influence of a master mind. Ah, how often has he of honest, loyal heart, brilliant intellect, intense passion, fervid imagination, and fluent voice held and swayed the minds and hearts of men!
Fortunately, not all of the master-pieces of the bar have been lost. Some manuscript yet is here and some notes have been preserved. Providence has not been unkind. Fate has not yet decreed that the hand of destruction should touch them all. Finding the ones that have been saved has been the joyous task of the author. A definite classic on the subject which will be read favourably by the students and practitioners of law.

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