Concentration. The Road to Success

A Lesson in Soul Culture


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ISBN : 978129203694


Author : H. H. Brown


Pages : 160 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books


The writings of Henry Harrison Browne are epoch-making books. They have received highest commendation from the greatest thinkers of to-day, and from the many who have already bought
and studied them. They are thought stimulators, and point the way to health, happiness and success.

The thoughtful man needs no armor but this concentration. Concentration is the secret of strength in politics, in war, and in all management of human affairs.-Emerson

The deeper the mind penetrates, the clearer it becomes; the more it spreads itself out on the surface, the more it is confused – Confucius.

“Another book upon this subject?”
Yes; because concentration is the secret of human power in action. Concentration is a mental habit which is to be acquired just as the habit of solving problems in geometry is to be acquired by practice. This book is a must-read if this great mental faculty is to be developed and practice for acquiring the “WINNING WAYS.”

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