Conduct Curriculum for the Kindergarten and First Grade


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ISBN : 9788130706377


Author : Patty S. Hill


Pages : 187 pp


Year of Publishing : 2008


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books


This groundbreaking new series will question the current dominant discourses surrounding early childhood, and offers instead original narratives of an area that is now made up of a multitude of perspectives and debates. The series will examine the possibilities and risks arising from the accelerated development of early childhood services and policies, and illustrates how it has become increasingly steeped in regulation and control. Insight fully, this collection of books will each show how early childhood services can in fact contribute to ethical and democratic practices. In examining child development and early educational intervention strategies from cross cultural perspectives, these works bring together several theoretical insights, the results of empirical research, and experiences of the learned authors. Its purpose is to constructively examine current strategies of early education and literacy for children. In order to provide maximum flexibility to the buyers, the volumes are being re-issued individually and as a complete set.

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