Conservation of Indian Heritage


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ISBN : 8170204615


Author : Allchin, F.R. & Allchin, B.


Pages : 350 pp


Year of Publishing : 1992, 2016


Binding : Hardbound





“Festival of India” gave a lot of impetus to the tourist’s inflow into India, which was one of the goals of the organizers apart from promoting Indian Culture and Heritage and making India known in general. Promotion is desired but this gives rise to a very prominent question of whether this great Heritage is being conserved and protected. Not quite! holds the editor.
These are the questions the editors F.R.Allchin, B.Allchin and B.K.Thapar have addressed in this book which is a beautiful collection of articles contributed by a vast array of scholars-Foreign and Indian. What, good about this book is that it not only discusses the problems before the country but also offers remedies and solution. Broadly the book sets out to follow four major tasks-
-To point to the need to think in broad interdisciplinary terms when considering conservation in the Indian context.
-To call attention to some of the major threats to this heritage which have arisen as a result of India’s increasing population and great economic and industrial progress.
-To indicate some of the steps which are being taken to counter these threats, and
-To stress the relationship and interdependence of the two main aspects upon one another.
These tasks have attempted to be fulfilled in very carefully selected articles. It is hoped that the book will be successful in stimulating new thinking in the area of Heritage Conservation and Preservation in general and in bringing about an international co-operation to achieve this.

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