An Essential Reading


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ISBN : 8177558269


Author : Editors Gettel, R. G. & Dunning, W. D


Pages : 310 pp


Year of Publishing : 2004


Binding : Hardbound



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• Anti-racism, By Jim Kalb
• Conservatives and Libertarians: Uneasy Cousins, Robert Nisbet
• Essay on the Generative Principle of Political Constitutions and other Human Institutions, By M. the Count de Maistre, Minister Plenipotentiary of H.M. the King of Sardinia to H.M. the Emperor of Russia, author of Considerations sur la France
• Freedom, Discrimination and Culture, Jim Kalb
• Freedom, Tradition, Conservatism, Frank Straus Meyer
• Ideas Have Consequences, By Richard M. Weaver
• On Equality and Inequality, Ludwig von Mises
• Rationalism in Politics, Michael Oakeshott
• “Revolutionary conservative”-what’s that?, “Surely ‘revolutionary conservative’ is a contradiction in terms!”, Ron Carrier’s
• The Tyranny of Liberalism, James Kalb
• Utilitarian Follies, Benjamin Disraeli
• Who is to Blame? [On the nature of constitutional government], John Henry Newman

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