Dictionary of Indian Biography


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ISBN : 8170208971


Volumes : Set in 2 Volumes


Author : C. E. Buckland


Pages : 600 pp


Year of Publishing : 1999


Binding : Hardbound



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There is no single volume of moderate size, containing such information as is necessary for the reader, regarding the careers and doings of the large number of persons connected with India, in history, by their exploits, services and writings. The object of this “Dictionary of Indian Biography” is to supply this want. It purports to be a handy Work of Reference, giving the main facts of the lives of about 2600 persons – English, Indian, Foreign, men or women, living or dead – who have been conspicuous in the history of India, or distinguished in the administration of the country, in one or other of its branches, or have contributed to its welfare, service, and advancement by their studies and literary productions, or have gained special fame. A copious Bibliography is the added attraction of the book. It contains the names of a number of important works which may advantageously be consulted by those who are desirous of acquiring a greater knowledge of the individuals treated in the Dictionary of Indian Biography, or of the history of India. A list of Chief Works of Reference is also adjoined to the Preface. This book, together with Cosmo’s other classic publication – Dictionary of Indian History – will form the basic sources of information to any study of Indian History, and must find place on any self-respecting library – private or public.

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