Graphology and the Psychology of Handwriting


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ISBN : 9788129203625


Author : J. Downey


Pages : 180 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

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After a fantastic, and somewhat unexpected, response to “Graphology. How to read character from Handwriting,” by von Hagen, which was published earlier, the publishers have been inundated by requests from readers who already know graphology and new converts to the study. There is an obvious outpouring of interest in Graphology more than in any other class of readings in the entire field of New Age books. We are therefore happy to announce the publication of this classic work, which not only discusses the critical comparison of graphological contentions and the outcome of modern scientific investigations of handwriting, but also includes a number of experimental studies, designed largely to try various methods of approach. The author was generously assisted by practicing psychologists who provided him with material necessary for a characterological rating. This classic is followed by two very famous works on the subject, titled: “Applied Graphology. A Text-book on Character Analysis from Handwriting”, by A. J. Smith; and “Graphology. How to Read Character from Handwriting,” by C. Howard. The four books together shall form a very useful library on the subject.

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