The Mysterious Kundalini

The Serpent Power


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ISBN : 9788130709055


Author : V. G. Rele


Pages : 180 pp


Year of Publishing : 2009


Binding : Hardbound


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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The Occult Review, London.- “Kundalini is a subject of perennial interest to a certain class of occult students. Dr. Rele has come to the original conclusion that Kunadlini is the Vagus nerve of the human body. He has made a thorough and useful study.”

The Two Worlds.- “A book for the earnest student. There is a glossary of Sanskrit anatomical terms and a bibliography, which will be of help to the reader.”

The Vedic Magazine.- “The book is worth reading. The author has ably, and with success, dealt with all subjects which could in any way help elucidating the theme of Five Pranas, Five Vayus, Six Chakras, Mudras, Bandhas, and the Eightfold Yoga.”

Yoga Mimamsa.- ” The exposition is as suggestive as it is interesting and the book is sure to be of great use to workers in the field of the scientific interpretation of Yoga.”

The Light.- “A very interest book.”

The Vendanta Kesari.- “It is the result of a sincere attempt to explain Yoga in the light of modern Science, hard labour, wise study, and deep thinking. Such enterprise is indeed admirable in these days.”

The Spectator, London.- “The most serious contribution yet made towards an understanding of an important branch of Eastern Learning.”

Journal of the Mythic Society.- “Gives physiological explanation of the powers of Kundali Yoga, and scientific reasons for the supernatural powers possible of being attained by the practice of the Yoga. Deserves to be in the hands of all.”

Prabuddha Bharata.- “We sincerely admire Dr. Rele’s scientific spirit and enthusiasm and patient and industrious study of the subject.”

The Indian Review.- “A very readable account of how the Yogi controls the nervous system. It is the result of much study, research, and thought and is well worth perusal. it is a welcome contribution to Yogic and Tantric literature.”

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