The Peaks and Lamas


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ISBN : 8170207568


Author : Marco Pallis


Pages : 200 pp


Year of Publishing : 2005


Binding : Hardcover


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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Marco Pallis spent several years in the eastern Himalayan region, travelling and collecting a vast material concerning Ladakh, Sikkim and Tibet. The present book is the story of his first travels to this mysterious region alongwith his three companions Richard Nicholson, F.E. Hicks, C.F. Kirkus and Charles Warrien.

The book is a major fruit of his travelling and has remained a standard book of reference and is now, after sixty years of its first appearance, reprinted is the best tribute to the competence of his travel writing and enduring nature of his observation.

Marco Pallis travels in a world inhabited by divinities, monks and lamas, by hosts of Gods, Demons and spirits who, peopling the snow-capped mountains, the wind-swept plains, the rushing rivers and broad but lonely valleys of Ladakh and Tibet, are easily annoyed by intruders. A world where nothing is devoid of meaning if one can but interpret the signs to view the reality with the eye of faith.

The book remains one of best travelogues ever written on this part of the Himalayas.

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