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ISBN : 8170204666


Author : R. B. Mullick


Pages : 450 pp


Year of Publishing : 1994


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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This book is the third in COSMO’S series of bringing the three most important works on Hinduism namely ‘THE RAMAYANA, THE BHAGVAD GITA, and THE MAHABHARATA, to the readers. In this age of electronics there is a renaissance in the field of study of Indian Epics.

THE MAHABHARATA is the most powerful Indian Epic being eight times as long as the Iliad and Odyssey put together and the three and half times the Bible. It is also the most controversial and criticized Epic. Europeans have criticized various themes and characters of this Epic. Western education to Indian students has only made matters worse as we are unable to comprehend to greatest of all Epics.

This book is a mercilessly candid examination of the truths and mysteries of this Epic. The book discusses all the important questions of ancient Indian civilization and history, as well as of worship, philosophy and theology which have bearings on the Epic. This is a book which should dispel many doubts. With extraordinary clarity the author’s analysis demonstrates the falseness of many wrong assumptions sparing not even the views of well-known scholars like Prof. Max Muller and others.

This is the first and only book to bring MAHABHARATA to the readers with a devastation clarity of though and a simple language.

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