Man the Master


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ISBN : 8170200369


Author : I. S. Kapil


Pages : 194 pp


Year of Publishing : 1984


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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World has suddenly become very unsafe. In His search for better means of life, Man has discovered only easier means of self-destruction. Material slums are being cleared, no doubt, but there has been an alarming growth of mental slums and these are more dangerous.

Weaker nations of the world are being suppressed by the stronger ones and this is being done through questionable THE MASTER. Means-nuclear blackmail. In fact, the whole mankind stands divided in blocs today, the leader of each bloc bluffing his supporters and allies with assurances of protection against the other. Are they safe themselves?

The whole world is in a mad race for scientific achievements. But where has this led them to? It has, in the process, stockpiled enough nuclear arsenals to make the human race extinct within moments should there be another world war. And the greatest casualty in this power struggle have been the human values – moral and spiritual, taking Materialism at its climax.

Teachings of our ancient texts and sages, which have lost their relevance to the modern man, are the only ray of hope; because science can only prolong life, it is Dharma which deepens it. A spiritual revolution is the need of the day. A just international order is an inescapable necessity for Man’s survival. This is the subject matter of MAN THE MASTER.

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