Masters of the Situations

Or Some Secrets of Success and Power


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ISBN : 9788129203052


Author : Tilly


Pages : 290 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

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This amazing and life transforming volume contains many of the secrets for success and power that have been used by men and women through the ages. As the author says: “TRUTH is as old as the world. As no two, however, see exactly the same rainbow, so no truth presents itself to all alike. So much has been written, we are told, that it is no longer possible even to appear original. Yet all will agree that the manner of presenting old truths is of the first importance.”

With all its buoyancy and hope and seeming assurance, youth has its hours of discouragement and despondency, and young men are often faint-hearted. They believe in all things else save in themselves. Too often they lack the courage to go out in pursuit of life’s prizes and rewards. For such this volume has been written. At the same time, it is hoped it may not be found wholly wanting in hints and incentives of value to those farther on.

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