Memory. How Never to Forget


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ISBN : 9788129203076


Author : Loisette


Pages : 160 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

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This book is part of the Memory series by Prof. A. Loisette,

1. Physiological Memory ; or, The Art of Never Forgetting
2. Assimilative Memory; or, How to Attend and Recall
3. Assimilative Memory; or, How to Attend and Never Forget

“Prof. A. Loisette wishes to call the attention of those who are now for the first time becoming acquainted with his System of Memory Training, that he was the first teacher of a Memory System to announce and to insist that Memory is not a separate faculty whose office it is to carry the re-collective burdens of the other faculties — but that Memory is a Physiological and Psychological property of each mental act, and that such act retains the traces and history of its own action, and that there are as many memories as there are kinds of mental action, and that, therefore, Memory is always concrete, … and that hence his System does make and must make better observers, clearer and more consecutive thinkers, and sounder reasoners as well as surer remembers; that in short the fundamental principle of his System is Learn by Thinking.” – Excerpts from the author’s Foreword

We are happy to make this book available again which is the author’s last and most complete work.

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