Miracles and Modern Spiritualism


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ISBN : 8129202484


Author : Alfred Russel Wallace


Pages : 314 pp


Year of Publishing : 2008


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

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Although Charles Darwin is the person always credited with developing the natural selection theory of evolution, history has it that Alfred Russel Wallace developed his own theory at the same time as Darwin was working on his. Wallace sent his theory to Darwin and when Darwin gave his presentation to the Linnaen Society in London during 1858, he also presented Wallace’s parallel theory, from which came “the survival of the fittest.”

“I was so thorough and confirmed a materialist that I could not at that time find a place in my mind for the conception of spiritual existence, or for any agencies in the universe than matter and force,” he writes in the preface. But Wallace came to believe in the reality of spirit communication and became an ardent Spiritualist. Many mainstream scientists of the day scoffed,sneered, and snickered, but Wallace remained steadfast in his beliefs. He gathers together the best evidence of the 19th Century and the testimony of esteemed scholars and scientists of that era who also investigated mediumship and spirit phenomena. This book is often referred to but until now has not been made available to the general public. The publishers are pleased to make available this rare book which fills in a lot of important data which explains the views of the co-discoverer of evolution.

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