Mizo Drama


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ISBN : 8170205816


Author : L. Khiangte


Pages : 270 pp


Year of Publishing : 1992


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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This book coves the origin and development of Mizo dramatics, from its inception till 1990. It is probably one of the few books where Mizo literature ahs been discussed in the English language, giving the book an unique quality. The book is divided into eight chapters each dealing with a particular phase of development of Drama in the Mizo language. Works and accounts of major playwrites in the language are examined. This book also highlights the Mizo culture, through their literature. Their origin, language, festivals, religion, customs and social life are all brought into focus to explain the various facets off Mizo social life. The book will interest all students of literature and those who are specially interested in the life and culture of the North-East.

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