Organization of Knowledge in Libraries

And the Subject Approach to Books


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ISBN : 9788130717784


Author : H.E. Bliss


Pages : 372 pp


Year of Publishing : 2016


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books

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“This book is the most thorough discussion of the systems involved by our standard theories of library classification that has yet been written. As such it promises to become a classic for the subject. The thought is clear, its expression precise, and the argument thoroughly convincing. From beginning to end the author has achieved an enviable standard in his exposition. If classification is what Mr. Bliss believes it to be there can be no doubt that our libraries should be reclassified.” – Book reviewed by Dr. Pierce Butler, in The Library Quarterly: Information, Community, Policy, published by the University of Chicago Press

About the Author
Henry Evelyn Bliss (January 29, 1870 – August 9, 1955) was the author of a classification system he called Bibliographic Classification which is often abbreviated to BC and is sometimes called Bliss Classification. He was named one of the 100 most important leaders in the field of library and Information science in the 20th century by American Libraries in December 1999, which praised his “subject approach to information” as “one of the most flexible ever conceived.” More than one author labeled him as a, “prophet without honor.” Although Bliss was an American, his system was more popular in British libraries than in American libraries.”

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