Philosophy of Scientific Method


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ISBN : 9788130706970


Volumes : Set in 2 Volumes


Author : Mill, J. S., Nagel, E.


Pages : 462 pp


Year of Publishing : 2008


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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The publication in 1843 of “System of Logic” established John Stuart Mill as the philosophical leader of his school. It was the “best attacked” book of the time, provoking not only detailed critical comment from influential philosophic adversaries, but also extensive discussion from prominent theologians. However, the book was widely hailed as a signal contribution to its subject, and rapidly achieved the status of a classic in the philosophic literature of utilitarianism.

It went through eight editions during Mill’s life, and Mill used the opportunity thus given him to reply with care to many of his critics and to record a number of substantial changes in his original analyses.

The abridged text of A System of Logic contained in this volume is based on the eighth edition (New York, 1881) of that work, the last one to be revised by Mill for publication. The present version of the Logic omits the whole of the original Book V, as well as many chapters, numbered sections, and paragraphs from other books. These omissions have been made for the sake of a more compact statement of Mill’s doctrines than he gave them; but in the judgment of the editor only materials of subordinate interest have been excluded, and nothing essential for the understanding of Mill’s thought has been eliminated.

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