Picture History of Painting

From Cave Painting to Modern Times


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ISBN : 9788130717104


Author : Jansen, H.W. & Jansen, D.J.


Pages : 310 pp


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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Here is a volume as rare as it is beautiful. It is a picture gallery, with more – and larger plates than have ever before appeared in a book of this sort; and at the same time, it is a remarkable and even exciting story of how painting began and how it developed through the ages.

Reader reviews:

“Great art book with chronological history lessons. We’ve been reading this book as part of our homeschool curriculum. Not only does it explain the art and artist but is a historical reference from the first art found from the Stone Age through the lifespan of our history. It has been a great visual of how times changed as man grew more aware of art and the beauty of seeing art with depth and meaning. This is a must for art/history lessons. Not to mention the beautiful pictures that come alive when you understand them”. Esther

“Wonderful book! Great book that helps you appreciate painting more and understand it’s place in expression of the story of mankind”. Laurie L. Duckworth

“A wonderful art lesson book. This book has left an imprint in my kids and my minds. It is rich with period art that has influenced us to learn about the different ways people have developed in creating masterpieces over the decades. The facts and history of each era makes this a wonderful tool to incorporate alongside history lessons, that connects each artist to a time period when history was being made. I highly recommend this book”. Esther

“Excellent book. Describes the journey of painting from the Stone Age to the modern times. Great prints. Easy language for someone interested in art. A must read for any art enthusiast”. Deepak

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