Principles of Newspaper Management


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ISBN : 9788130703858


Author : James E. Pollard


Pages : 472 pp


Year of Publishing : 2009


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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James E. Pollard’s text on Newspaper Management principles lays the guidelines and ground rules for managing a newspaper organization effectively. While not making the book a technical treatise on the management of a newspaper organization, he covers all important areas of managing a newspaper and running the operations successfully. These principles guide the managers of the newspaper organization to take managerial decisions on the basis of certain well-tested generalizations rather than on the basis of trial and error.

The book covers –
1. The Newspaper Industry
2. Newspaper Organisation
3. Circulation Principles
4. Circulation Practice
5. Circulation Promotion
6. The Hallmark of Circulation
7. Newspaper Advertising
8. Retail Advertising
9. General Advertising
10. Classified Advertising
11. The Rate Structure
12. Truth in Advertising
13. General promotion
14. Newspaper Financing
15. Accounting and Cost-Finding Practice
16. Legal Aspects of Publishing
17. Postal Regulations
18. Production Problems
19. Industrial Relations
20. Office Management and Correspondence
21. Tomorrow’s Newspaper

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