Problems and Methods in Linguistics


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ISBN : 8170209854


Author : Riley T. Brian


Pages : 332 pp


Year of Publishing : 2000


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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Brief Contents:
— Historical and Descriptive Linguistics
— Structure of Transferred Utterances
— Structure of Immediate Utterances
— Complex Syntactic Structures
— Structure of Words, (Morphology)
— Physical Element in Language, (Phonetics)
— History of Phonetics
— Branches of Phonetics
— Nature of syllables
— Atoms of Language (Phonemics)
— Dynamics of Phonemic system Translation and Meaning Synonymy of Terms
— Theories of Linguistic Competence
— Toward a Theory of Performance Organization of a Generative Grammar
— Justification of Grammars Linguistic Theory and language learning

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