Public Library Administration


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ISBN : 9788130719245


Author : Lowe, J. A.


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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This book is primarily intended as a basic text-book for library school use in the instruction of students of college grade who are preparing themselves for the executive position of librarian. It will also be found useful by those persons who are trying to discover for themselves the elementary principles of the administration of a public library. Because of the wide scope of the subject., the discussion is limited, so far as possible, to the affairs of the administrator of a free public library, having an appointed board of trustees, receiving its main support from direct taxation or municipal appropriation, manned by a staff of approximately thirty people, and giving service to a community of approximately one hundred thousand population. To designate this type the general term “”medium-sized”” library is used. As a matter of fact, the principles which have the most value for the student are those which are equally applicable to small and large libraries as well.

The book aims to give the student ideals for his work of managing a library, and to establish in his mind the proper principles of action. The application of those principles he must, as an administrator, work out in his own particular field of endeavor. Experience adds necessary expertness.

CHAPTER 1. The Librarian as Administrator
CHAPTER 2. The Librarian and the Trustees
CHAPTER 3. Finances
CHAPTER 4. Purchase of Books and Supplies
CHAPTER 5. Administrative Organization
CHAPTER 6. The Significance of Statistics
CHAPTER 7. Public Library Opportunities

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