World’s Earliest Music

Traced to its beginnings in Ancient Lands. By Collected Evidence of Relics, Records, History and Musical Instruments


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ISBN : 9788130716909


Author : H. Smith


Pages :


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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“A music-trail through many lands, over regions where dwelt the peoples of the earliest civilizations, this I have followed, attracted oftentimes to rambles by the way, gathering evidence on all sides in the course of my journey, picking up whatever seemed to be capable of throwing light upon the early conditions of music; from rock carvings, wall paintings, tablets and vases, marbles and sculpture, papyri and parchments, and records, the treasure-trove and finds of explorers old and new, who seem to have accounted for at least ten thousand years of human experience, ‘yet withal very few musical instruments’ of the earlier ages have been recovered, and these for the most part imperfect and unplayable, and we have to depend chiefly upon the ancient representations, drawings or carvings for what we know.

Archaeologists and antiquarians, unhappily for our quest, have not been very particular in truthfully copying even the drawings and sculptures, often leaving out important details, or supplying some imaginatively ; in the absence of insight into the constructive principles of instruments, indifference may be a natural consequence, and that there was anything at all in a musical instrument worth thinking about, might probably never occur to their minds.”
– Excerpts from the author’s Foreword

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