Administration of the College Curriculum


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ISBN : 9788130706740


Author : William T. Foster


Pages : 400 pp


Year of Publishing : 2008


Binding : Hard Bound




This six-volume collection includes some of the best works written on the curriculum studies. The purpose of the series is to discuss and debate major trends and developments in the formative period of the subject when curriculum studies were still not an independent area of study. The following six path-breaking volumes of the series offer a comprehensive introduction to, and overview of, the field:
* The Curriculum, by Franklin Bobbitt
* The Child and the Curriculum, John Dewey
* Child Development and the Curriculum, Arthur T. Jersild
* The Primary Curriculum, H. Hayward
* The Modern High School Curriculum, P. E. & N. M. Belting
* Administration of the College Curriculum, W. T. Foster
The collection covers the key points of dispute and areas of controversy within the field of curriculum studies and includes works of some of the leading writers of their times. In order to provide maximum flexibility to the buyers, the volumes are being re-issued individually and as a complete set.

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