Arabic-English Dictionary


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ISBN : 8170201020


Author : R. Steingass


Pages : 1260 pp


Year of Publishing : 1978


Binding : Hard Bound




The main purpose for publishing the present work has been to meet the need for a contemporary Arabic English Dictionary for practical use amongst the students and scholars desirous of acquiring a thorough knowledge of Arabic Language. Of the many Arabic-English dictionaries published so far, those available in the West are to expensive for ordinary students while those found in the Middle East are by no means adequate. This dictionary is comprehensive enough to enable the students to read the chief works of literature and poetry. The author has followed in his translation the standard work of Lane, as it is by far the best work ever published in the line. The author has taken particular care to translate accurately scientific terms and especially botanical names. This is a peculiar feature of this Dictionary for which the celebrated work of Ibn Bitar, the Arab Botanist has been consulted as well as the modern work of Forskal. An appendix to the Dictionary gives in the original language the etymology of Arabic words derived from foreign sources. This new edition has been carefully revised and the author has used his best endeavours to render it as complete and perfect as possible.

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