Architectural Antiquities of Western India


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ISBN : 8170200636


Author : H. Cousens


Pages : 140 pp


Year of Publishing : 1985


Binding : Hard Bound




Scattered throughout the length of Western India, from the northern frontiers of Sind to the river Savitri, dropping suddenly in one great cascade into the Konkan, is found a great and varied collection of ancient monuments. Architectural remains in Western India, so far as at present known, begin with the Buddhist period. Antiquities of Western India Buddhist remains in the absence of anything of Hindu origin. The purpose of this book is both artistic and archaeological as the author, a renowned archaeologist, has endeavoured to avail himself to the latest researches in Western Indian architectural antiquities. The author ahs not attempted anything like a history of Western Indian antiquities but an explanation in a most lucid style, the motives and ideals of antiquities of this specific area. The book is divided into ten chapters illustrating beautifully early Architectural remains, Stupas or cinernry mounds, Early Structural temples, later Chalukyan Temples, Temples in North Kanara, the Solanki Temples of Gujarat & Kathiawad, Temples of the Dekhan, Muhammadan buildings, Remains at Bijapur and Buildings in Sind. This masterwork on Western Indian Architecture is profusely illustrated with fifty seven art plates describing different, varied and great facets of architectural antiquities. This will be an asset to collection off Indian art and valuable reference tool to the students and scholars of Indian History, Architecture, Archaeology, etc.

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