Arts and Antiquities of India

An Illustrated Selection


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ISBN : 8170201357


Author : G. Sanderson


Pages : 178 pp + Illustrations


Year of Publishing : 1983


Binding : Hard Bound




The year 1910 was a great occasion when the Coronation Durbar was held which brought together, on loan, many invaluable, fascinating and beautiful articles of which the general public had not hitherto had access. All the articles were exhibited at the time of this Coronation Durbar and had an intimate connection with the history and culture of India and its rule. These articles of great importance and value were collected form all over India and were taken on loan from the rulers, kings and Nizams, who kept these articles in their personal possession. This historic exhibition of articles, which were not seen before and would not be seen or put on public display, were arranged very systematically by the author, who was curator of Delhi Museum of Archaeology and published them in a book form. The complete articles were catalogued under different headings, such as ARMS AND ARMOUR, STANDARDS AND INSIGNIA, FARMANS AND LETTERS, CALLIGRAPHY AND PICTURES AND PORTRAITS, and include many more fascinating objects of artistic, historical, archaeological and general interest. The publishers feel proud at issuing this volume again in its original format, which was published in a very restricted number. It is hoped that the volume will prove immensely useful to the historians, archaeologists, artists, Indologists and also will be a valuable collector’s book. The book should have a loud appeal to the educated lay men of India and also abroad who are interested in knowing and understanding Indian culture and heritage.

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