Art of Medieval Assam


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ISBN : 8170201330


Author : Das Gupta


Pages : 200 pp


Year of Publishing : 1981


Binding : Hard Bound




“The Art of Mediaeval Assam” is a study in the arts of this frontier region of India from the 13th to the 19th centuries till it succumbed to British imperialism. During the above period Assam had maintained her independence from Islamic conquests as result of which much of ancient Indian art forms had been preserved there. Being a melting pot of races, Assam had a many faced culture which flourished, under the Ahom kings of Tai Origin. Hence Assamese art serves as a bridge between those of India and south east Asia. By studying arts of Assam were are able to follow the process of Indianisation of south east Asia.
The author has dealt in this book not only with the usual art forms in such a study but has also discussed the minor arts and crafts which reveal the talents end vitality of folk culture. Hence the present work is of immense value to students of art history as well as anthropology. The author had lived long in Assam and has also traveled widely in eastern India, Bangladesh and Nepal which has enabled him to give an account of Assam and her arts by coming in direct contact with the traditional artists and craftsmen of the area.

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