Caste as an Educational Problem


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ISBN : 9788130719016


Author : R. V. Gagate


Pages :


Year of Publishing : 2020


Binding : Hardbound





Contents :
1. India and the Indians
2. The theories of the older Caste Systems
3. Color as the basis of Caste
4. The Economic Theory
5. Psychological Foundation of the Caste System
6. Educational System of the Poor Ashramas
7. Hinduism and the Caste System
8. Multiplication of Castes and its Results

Under various titles the subject of caste has been discussed in many a book, essay, article and newspaper column. Much has been written giving the reader one idea or another regarding the castes that were established and sustained by the Indo-Aryan people. Most of the information regarding this social organization program of the Indo-Aryans, that is made available to the public, whether in India or outside, through speeches, is almost invariably based on a biased viewpoint, and is, therefore, so formulated so as to support some narrow subjective purpose. The attempt is rarely ever made to present a scholarly, unprejudiced analysis and exposition of the caste system, which in one form or another, has always been a basic feature of all human institutions. After all the various shortcomings that one can easily find in the history of the human race, history must still be the source of experiences upon which we can build for the future. This work is a first exposition of the idea of caste and the evolution of the caste system as an organization in terms of philosophic, religious and classical Sanskrit literature. Secondly, it is a psychological exposition of the original caste system, which is followed by a discussion on the Indian educational program as was worked out by the ancient Indo-Aryans, to ensure the proper working and administration of their social organization. The book discusses the degeneration of the Hindu castes into the present day chaotic social organization, with a view to present the existing condition of Hindu society. It is out of this chaos that an educator has to work a reconstruction scheme. Such educational suggestions as the problem of caste gives rise to, are put forward in this rare work.

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