Cultural Anthropology

Exploration of Behaviour and Meaning Systems


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ISBN : 8170207967


Author : S. M. Channa


Pages : 370 pp


Year of Publishing : 1998


Binding : Hardbound



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• Action, Morality and Cultural Translation.
• The Cultural Problem of the Cultural Anthropologist.
• Culture as “Tokens” and as “Guide”: Swahili Statements, Beliefs, and
Behavior Concerning Generational Differences.
• Cultural Sharing and Cultural Theory: Some Findings of Five-Society Study.
• The Evolution of Mind: An Anthropological Approach.
• Food Classification in Three Pacific Societies : Fiji, Hawaii, and Tahiti.
• Human Emotions Universal or Culture-Specific?
• Melpa Dream Interpretation and the Concept of Hidden Truth.
• Origins, Functions, Development and Motivation : Unity and Disunity in the Study of Behavior.
• People, Beradches and Left-Handed Bears: Human Variation in Native America.
• Play in Violent and Non-Violent Cultures.
• Sins of the Self: An Exploration in Semiotic Anthropology.

Tord Larsen • Francis L.K. Hsu • Marc J. Swartz • Robin Fox • Nancy J. Pollock • Anna Wierzbicka • Andrew Strathern • N.G. Blurton Jones • Jay Miller • Joseph Royce • Milton Singer

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