Curriculum for Moral Education


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ISBN : 8130702738


Author : S. R. Sharma


Pages : 310 pp


Year of Publishing : 2006


Binding : Paperback


Publisher : Indigo Books


1. The Curriculum
• The conception of the Curriculum
• The Child and the Curriculum
• The Organization of Subject Matter
• The Reconstruction of Experience
• Occupations and Culture in education
2. Moral Education and the Curriculum
• Moral education as a subject
• Alternative approaches to moral education
• Mc Phail: “Our School”
• Wilson: The School and Moral Development”
• The school climate
• Moral education through existing curriculum areas.
• Literature and morality
• History and Morality
• Religious education and morality
• Counseling and pastoral care.
3. Value-Oriented Education Curriculum
4. Education Values and Motives
5. Programmes and Courses for Value based Education
6. Rights and Obligations of Educators
7. Intelligence and Values
8. Efficiency and Values
9. The New Morality
10. The Value of Science
11. Curriculum Projects in Moral Education
• The Work of the Farmington Trust. School Council Projects in Moral Education: Lifeline
• School Council Moral Education Project: Star line
• The Humanities Curriculum Project
• The Neutral Teacher
• Summary and Conclusions

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