Manual of Discipline and Instruction

For Use by the Teachers and Administrators


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ISBN : 9788177559508


Pages : 230 pp


Year of Publishing : 2005


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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No task can be more responsible or require the exercise of greater care than that of educating the young. To perform it aright, special preparation and study are indispensably necessary, not only in relation to the branches of knowledge which may have been selected as a basis for the instruction, but in regard to the proper method and appliances to be employed, in order to render the instruction truly effective.

The teacher’s task is one of great magnitude, responsibility, and labor. Great issues depend upon its right performance. The future welfare of the community depends upon his efforts. Neglect on his part – nay, conscious inefficiency is a crime. The impressions which are made by him are ineffaceable. Hence it is of supreme importance that his work receives all the guidance that careful study and mature experience can afford.

The object of this manual is to guide the teachers of the Primary and Grammar Schools in the performance of their duties in relation to both discipline and instruction. A careful study of its suggestions will aid them to attain a proper understanding of the requirements of the various grades of the Course of Study, and will enable them efficiently to carry them into effect.

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