Promotion of Learning in India


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ISBN : 817020626x


Author : Law, N. N.


Pages : 466 pp


Year of Publishing : 1992


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications

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This interesting work deals with the very important subject of Promotion of Learning in India by the Europeans and Muhammadan rulers, which is apt to be missed in the general histories of this country. The work assumes greater importance as the subject matter dealt with has not anywhere been systematically treated and has been collected form scattered sources published and unpublished, in most of which they are only indirectly and incidentally referred to.

The first volume deals with the efforts made by the Europeans in this field. It starts with a very enlightening introduction by an eminent scholar-Mr. Walter K. Firminger, and provides details regarding educational activity in several parts of the country. The author has been successful in producing some rare facts and difficult to obtain information.

The second volume is introduced by the prominent scholar Mr. H. Beveridge, and provides comprehensive details regarding educational activity in the pre-Mughal and Mughal emperors. An important feature of the book is a separate chapter on education of the women in that period.

The set will prove to be immensely useful not only to the educationist but to the historians as well as it will provide the missing link in the study of the comprehensive history of this country. The publishers are delighted to bring such work of prime importance to the reading public in general and to the scholars and researchers in particular.

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