Corporate Life in Ancient India


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ISBN : 8170205832


Author : R. C. Majumdar


Pages : 326 pp


Year of Publishing : 2004


Binding : Hardbound



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“A good overview of the various trading communities of Ancient India, and how they interacted with each other as well as other institutions such as the monarchy and religion.”
This was first written as a doctoral thesis in the early 1900’s and revised by Majumdar a few decades later, but I recommend it for anyone who wants to know about the evolution of the guild system and how the ancient Indian economy and production were organized.” — Review by Zahen Khan as it appears in “goodreads”

Ramesh Chandra Majumdar was a historian and professor of Indian history. He did his M.A. from Calcutta University where he won the Premchand Roychand scholarship from the University of Calcutta for his research work. He got his doctorate for his thesis “”Corporate Life in Ancient India””. He joined the newly established University of Dacca as a professor of history. He also served, until he became its vice chancellor, as the head of the Department of History as well as the dean of the Faculty of Arts. He was also the Provost of Jagannath Hall. Then he became the vice chancellor of that University for five years. Later he was Principal of the College of Indology, Benares Hindu University. He was elected the general president of the Indian History Congress and also became the vice president of the International Commission set up by the UNESCO for the history of mankind.

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