Religious Functionaries

Shamans, Witchdoctors and Other Sacred Specialists


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ISBN : 8177551906


Author : S. M. Channa


Pages : 312 pp


Year of Publishing : 2001


Binding : Hardback


Publisher : Cosmo Publications


Geoffrey Parrinder • E.M. Loeb • J.W. Layard • E.E. Evans-Pritchard • Hugo Huber • Anthony Walker • Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney • Geoffrey Garer • Adolf E. Jenson • Michel Perrin
• Sacred Specialists
• Shaman and Seer
• Shamanism: An Analysis based on Comparison with the Flying Tricksters of Alekula
• The Zande Corporation of itchdoctors
• A Diviner’s Apprentice ship and ork among the Bayaka
• The Dairymen Priests among the Todas
• The Shamanism off the Ainu of the Northwest Coast of Southern Sakhalin
• The un
• Shamanism as Expression of Genuine agic
• Shamanistic Symptoms or Symbols? A Case of Indetermination (The Body of the Guajiro Shaman)

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